Automatic Prevention of Medication Errors - Mobile System Based on Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology

Ana-María López, Eduardo Pascual, Ana-María Salinas, Guillermo Azuara, Rafael Gómez


In this paper a mobile system aimed to avoid medication error in home environments is described. It is based on unambiguous identification of pillboxes or drugs packages with a Near Field Communication (NFC) tag. This tag, whose information can be quickly read with a mobile phone equipped with an NFC interface, can also store information about the patient and the prescribed dose. These data can be actualized with the smartphone whenever the patient confirms a new medication-take just by approaching the smartphone to the labelled box. The information is also locally saved in the phone and can be sent by SMS to caregivers if necessary. The information into the NFC tag converts a simple mobile app into an ubiquitous computing (ubicomp) context aware tool that avoids drug or patient confusion. To ensure that even patients with low technological experience will be able and, more important, wish to use this system, we have followed a user centered design methodology. The system adapts to different patients profiles, and to different degrees of digital literacy.


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