Alignment of Cyclically Ordered Trees

Takuya Yoshino, Kouichi Hirata


In this paper, as unordered trees preserving the adjacency among siblings, we introduce the following three kinds of a cyclically ordered tree, that is, a biordered tree that allows both a left-to-right and a right-to-left order among siblings, a cyclic-ordered tree that allows cyclic order among siblings in a left-to-right direction and a cyclic-biordered tree that allows cyclic order among siblings in both left-to-right and right-to-left directions. Then, we design the algorithms to compute the alignment distance and the segmental alignment distance between biordered trees in O(n2D2) time and ones between cyclic-ordered trees and cyclic-biordered trees in O(n2D4) time, where n is the maximum number of nodes and D is the maximum degree in two given trees.


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