A Mixed Integer Linear Program for Operational Planning in a Meat Packing Plant

Víctor M. Albornoz, Marcela González-Araya, Matías C. Gripe, Sara V. Rodríguez


This paper reports a mixed integer linear programming model to support the planning at an operational level in a meat packing plant. The deterministic formulation considers multi-products (yielded from different cutting patterns applied to the carcasses), multi-periods, a batch quality distribution on carcasses and perishability. The perishability of the product is modeled by the inclusion of disaggregated inventory decision variables that take into account a given maximum number of days for fresh product. The main contribution of the present work is to develop an optimization model in a real tactical planning problem. Also we develop a sensitivity analysis on the quality of the carcasses, subject to large variability. We present here two different scenarios, comparing them to asses their economical impact.


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