Self-serve ICT-based Health Monitoring to Support Active Ageing

Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, Jesica Rivero Espinosa, Alenka Reissner, Àlex Domingo, Hadi Banaee, Amy Loutfi, Xavier Rafael-Palou


Today, the healthcare monitoring is not limited to take place in primary care facilities simply due to deployment of ICT. However, to support an ICT-based health monitoring, proper health parameters, sensor devices, data communications, approaches, methods and their combination are still open challenges. This paper presents a self-serve ICT-based health monitoring system to support active ageing by assisting seniors to participate in regular monitoring of elderly’s health condition. Here, the main objective is to facilitate a number of healthcare services to enable good health outcomes of healthy active living. Therefore, the proposed approach is identified and constructed three different kinds of healthcare services: 1) real time feedback generation service, 2) historical summary calculation service and 3) recommendation generation service. These services are implemented considering a number of health parameters, such as, 1) blood pressure, 2) blood glucose, 3) medication compliance, 4) weight monitoring, 5) physical activity, 6) pulse monitoring etc. The services are evaluated in Spain and Slovenia through 2 prototypical systems, i.e. year2prototype (Y2P) and year3prototype (Y3P) by 46 subjects (40 for Y2P and 6 for Y3P). The evaluation results show the necessity and competence of the proposed healthcare services. In addition, the prototypical system (i.e. Y3P) is found very much accepted and useful by most of the users.


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