Wound Area Assessment using Mobile Application

Ivan Miguel Pires, Nuno M. Garcia


This research aims to discover methods for the detection of the area of a wound using mobile devices. These devices have low memory and low processing capacity and they need the use of low complexity operations to identify a wound. The calculation of the wounded area consists of three phases, there are: image acquisition, image processing, surface reconstruction and calculations. This research is related to the use a mobile device to identify wound contours and area in a captured image. This image can be captured with a camera in a smartphone and the wound area is calculated based on the distance of the surface area and the resolution of the image captured. The main study in this research is the image processing in a mobile device, due to the limitations of these devices. However, the application developed during this research was developed for desktop, using the OpenCV library that is compatible with the Android platform and Java desktop technologies. During this research, the developed code written in Java will be easily adapted to the Android platform. The desktop application developed is available in a free repository for testing.


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