A Formalisation of Analysis-based Model Migration

Ingrid Chieh Yu, Henning Berg


Supporting adaptation of metamodels is essential for realising Model-Driven Engineering. However, adapting and changing metamodels impact other artefacts of the metamodelling ecosystem. In particular, conformant models will no longer be valid instances of their changed metamodel. This gives rise to co-evolution issues where metamodels and models are no longer synchronised. This is critical as systems become inconsistent. A typical approach for re-establishing conformance is to manually craft transformations which update existing models for the new metamodel variant. In this paper we present an analysis-based approach that addresses this concern. The approach enables an arbitrary number of metamodels to evolve based on an adaptation strategy. During analysis we accumulate information required to automatically transform existing models to ensure conformance. We formalise the approach and prove model conformance.


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