Encoded Total Focusing Method for Improving Data Acquisition Rate

César Gutiérrez Fernández, Ana Jiménez, Carlos Julián Martín-Arguedas


Synthetic aperture imaging techniques are capable to obtain high quality images, fully focused in both transmission and reception. However, these techniques require to perform so many emissions as elements in the array to acquire RF data. This requirement decreases acquisition rate and can result in tissue motion artifacts because of the phase misalignments between signals acquired in different emissions. Such inconvenience claims for alternatives that reduce the total number of emissions needed to obtain the data. This work proposes the use of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) techniques to attain this goal. By encoding the ultrasound excitation signal emitted, through a pesudo-random Kasami code, several elements can emit simultaneously and the amount of data acquired in every emission increases. The encoded proposal attains a Kx speed up in acquisition rate compared to conventional total focusing method, being K the number of Kasami sequences available in the set.


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