Smarter Healthcare - Built on Informatics and Cybernetics

Fred Maymir-Ducharme, Lee Angelelli, Prithvi Rao


Applying advanced analytics to big data in healthcare offers insights that can improve quality of care. This paper focuses on the application of health informatics in care coordination, payment, wellness, and healthcare decision management. Cognitive computing and analytics can be used to capture and extract information from large volumes of disparate medical data. Applying natural language processing, probabilistic computing, and dynamic learning can achieve intelligent healthcare systems that users can interact with to drive business and medical insights across patient populations and result in greater patient safety, care quality, wellness, and improvements in payer programs. As is the case for most organizations with large and disparate data sets, the ability to manage information across the enterprise becomes extremely challenging as the size and complexity of the knowledge management infrastructure grows. Interconnecting healthcare systems and applying advanced cognitive analytics and health informatics would provide medical organizations, clinicians, and payers with the information they need to make the best treatment decision at the point of care. The authors address related research in the following areas: image analysis for anomaly detection; electronic healthcare advisors for clinical trial matching and oncology treatments options; advanced models and tools that can accelerate geo-spatial disease outbreak detection and reporting.


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