Indoor Sensor Placement for Diverse Sensor-coverage Footprints

Masoud Vatanpour Azghandi, Ioanis Nikolaidis, Eleni Stroulia


Single occupant localization in an indoor environment can be accomplished by the deployment of, properly placed, motion sensors. In this paper, we address the problem of cost-efficient sensor placement for highquality indoor localization, taking into account sensors with diverse coverage footprints, and the occlusion effects due to obstructions typically found in indoor environments. The objective is the placement of the smallest number of sensors with the right combination of footprints. To address the problem, and motivated by the vast search space of possible placement and footprint combinations, we adopt an evolutionary technique. We demonstrate that our technique performs faster and/or produces more accurate results (depending on the application) when compared to previously proposed greedy methods. Furthermore, our technique is flexible in that adding new sensor footprints can be trivially accomplished.


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