Fundus Imaging Based Affordable Eye Care

Kolin Paul, Vijay Kumar


India is a developing country. It has a very low doctor to patient ratio and hence affordabe healthcare has always been a matter of concern. The high cost of diagnostic devices and unskilled or limited skilled clinicians exacerbate this problem. The treatment of visually impaired patients is a daunting task in India as it requires periodic examination of eyesight. Devices meant for this check up are expensive and often require high degree of expertise to operate. In this paper we propose a low-cost, lightweight, handheld, android phone based fundus imaging device. The application software makes it user-friendly and also can also provide a limited automatic screening capability of some retinal problems. In this paper, we report the use of this device for screening of patients for Glaucoma. The paper presents empirical results using patient data from hospitals. The results indicate that such a device can effectively scale the operations of screening of many eye related problems in under served areas.


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