Clinical Processes and Its Data, What Can We Do with Them?

Eric Rojas, Michael Arias, Marcos Sepúlveda


Global healthcare services have evolved over time, and nowadays they are expected to follow high-quality optimized standards. Analyzing healthcare processes has become a relevant field of study, and different techniques and tools have been developed to promote improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of these processes. There is a research field called process mining that can be used to extract knowledge from the event data stored in the hospital information systems. With the help of this, it is possible to discover the real executed process, examine its performance and analyze the resource interaction during its execution. The goal of this article is to provide a bibliographic survey about the use of process mining algorithms, techniques, and tools in the analysis of healthcare processes, providing a general overview about the main approaches previously used and the information required to apply them in the medical field. We provide important insights about data, algorithms, techniques and methodologies that are required to help answer medical expert questions about their processes, motivating and inspiring a broader usage. So, if we have the information and it is possible to analyze and understand the healthcare processes, why are we not doing it?


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