Real-time Detection and Recognition of Machine-Readable Zones with Mobile Devices

Andreas Hartl, Clemens Arth, Dieter Schmalstieg


Many security documents contain machine readable zones (MRZ) for automatic inspection. An MRZ is intended to be read by dedicated machinery, which often requires a stationary setup. Although MRZ information can also be read using camera phones, current solutions require the user to align the document, which is rather tedious. We propose a real-time algorithm for MRZ detection and recognition on off-the-shelf mobile devices. In contrast to state-of-the-art solutions, we do not impose position restrictions on the document. Our system can instantly produce robust reading results from a large range of viewpoints, making it suitable for document verification or classification. We evaluate the proposed algorithm using a large synthetic database on a set of off-the-shelf smartphones. The obtained results prove that our solution is capable of achieving good reading accuracy despite using largely unconstrained viewpoints and mobile devices.


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