The Air Distribution Network Design Problem - A Complex Non-linear Combinatorial Optimization Problem

Sandy Jorens, Annelies De Corte, Kenneth Sörensen, Gunther Steenackers


The objective of the air distribution network design optimization problem is to find the material and dimensions of each duct and fan in an air distribution network so that the total cost is minimized without violating aerolic constraints. Since the 1960s much research has been dedicated to the simulation and optimization of air distribution networks and numerous methods have been developed to solve this optimization problem. This paper aims to outline the current state-of-the-art in air distribution network design optimization and highlights the main shortcomings. Additionally, previous research is extended by presenting a model that integrates the network layout decisions into the optimization problem. In this problem, called the air distribution network design optimization problem the location of the fans and ducts in the network are determined so that the total cost of the network is minimized. This novel combinatorial optimization problem is characterized by discrete decision variables, and non-linear constraints. This paper also motivates the need for benchmark instances to evaluate the performance of existing or new developed optimization methods and advance future research in the field op air distribution network design optimization. A software tool is developed in this research to generate such instances.


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