TIDAQL - A Query Language Enabling on-Line Analytical Processing of Time Interval Data

Philipp Meisen, Diane Keng, Tobias Meisen, Marco Recchioni, Sabina Jeschke


Nowadays, time interval data is ubiquitous. The requirement of analyzing such data using known techniques like on-line analytical processing arises more and more frequently. Nevertheless, the usage of approved multidimensional models and established systems is not sufficient, because of modeling, querying and processing limitations. Even though recent research and requests from various types of industry indicate that the handling and analyzing of time interval data is an important task, a definition of a query language to enable on-line analytical processing and a suitable implementation are, to the best of our knowledge, neither introduced nor realized. In this paper, we present a query language based on requirements stated by business analysts from different domains that enables the analysis of time interval data in an on-line analytical manner. In addition, we introduce our query processing, established using a bitmap-based implementation. Finally, we present a performance analysis and discuss the language, the processing as well as the results critically.


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