An Australian Ski Resort System

Kayleigh Rumbelow, Peter Busch, Deborah Richards


The aim of this system was to use and display existing ski access data in a new way to create business as well as social enhancement opportunities for resorts and their guests. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) enabled passes, were used as input mechanisms captured by a scanner on snow at various locations. Each scan was stored in a relational database and information extracted from this was shown to a user via a webpage. A comparative analysis of two major resorts, both of which are currently using RFID ticket technology was used to assess what information was currently provided to guests and how it was delivered. This analysis was used to identify areas for future growth and development of an improved system. The use of these services was often more of an after-ski activity rather than during (Jambon and Meillon, 2009). The improvement described herein allowed the user display to operate on a delay rather than instantaneously. The significance of this improved solution enabled a resort to differentiate itself from competitors. An alternative data display is presented detailing the technologies employed and additional functionality that could be explored.


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