A Technique for Computerised Brushwork Analysis

Dmitry Murashov, Alexey Berezin, Ekaterina Ivanova


In this work, the problem of computer-assisted attribution of fine-art paintings based on image analysis methods is considered. A technique for comparing artistic styles is proposed. Textural features represented by histograms of brushstroke ridge orientation and local neighborhood orientation are used in this work to characterize painter's artistic style. The procedures for feature extraction are developed and the parameters are chosen. The paintings are compared using three informative fragments segmented in a particular image. Selected image fragments are compared by information-theoretical dissimilarity measure. The technique is tested on images of portraits created in 17-19th centuries. The preliminary results of the experiments showed that the difference between portraits painted by the same artist is substantially smaller than one between portraits painted by different authors. The proposed technique may be used as a part of technological description of fine art paintings for attribution. The unsolved problems are pointed out and the directions of further research are outlined.


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