Measurement of Heel-Rise Test Results using a Mobile Device

Ivan Miguel Pires, Márcia Andrade, Nuno M. Garcia, Rute Crisóstomo, Francisco Florez-Revuelta


The heel-rise test measures the ability to perform eccentric and concentric muscle actions of the plantar flexor muscles with unilaterally consecutive elevations of the heel. This test is easy to administer and is a non-invasive test for strength and endurance of the calf muscle. Despite the part that this test has proven reliability, it has been difficult to measure its results, as it depends on the subjectivity of the examiner and conditions of the place of testing. This research consists in the design and development of a mobile application for the heel-rise test. The algorithm makes use of sensors to measure the exercise, implementing the rules to detect a pattern of the accelerometry sensors during the test. The heel-rise test consists in detecting periodically the number of correct exercise repetitions. Then, physiotherapists can use this heel-rise automatic test in their examinations.


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