Scoping Automation in Software Product Lines

Andressa Ianzen, Rafaela Mantovani Fontana, Marco Antonio Paludo, Andreia Malucelli, Sheila Reinehr


Software product lines (SPL) are recognized as a way to increase the quality as well as to reduce the cost, delivery time, and mitigate risks of software products. Scoping, an essential step in SPLs, requires time and effort of domain experts; thus, automation initiatives at this stage are invaluable. This paper presents a semi-automatic approach for defining scope in SPLs. Consequently, a method is pro-posed for the semi-automatic identification and classification of product features, along with an approach for evaluating the variabilities and commonalities between the established line and a new product. Experiments conducted to evaluate the approach verify the benefits of the semi-automatization of scoping, including reduction of the time and human effort involved.


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