Understanding Game Modding through Phases of Mod Development

Satyam Agarwal, Priya Seetharaman


Game modding has been rapidly emerging as a source of competitive advantage in the gaming industry. While gaming companies are increasingly focusing towards establishing modder communities, very little is known about the process of modding itself. In this paper, we have carried out an analysis of activities of mod developers on mod distribution websites and their interactions with mod users. The theoretical lens of meta-structuring of technology use mediation helps us understand the phases of mod development. The phases relate to the activities that gamers and modders perform in order to maximize the game-play experience and usage of the mods respectively. We believe that these phases are integral part of mod development and can be used to establish appropriate support infrastructure to nurture modder communities. The paper concludes with implications for gaming firms and modding communities along with potential for further research in the area.


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