RockQuery - An Ontology-based Data Querying Tool

Jose Lozano, Joel Carbonera, Marcelo Pimenta, Mara Abel


Nowadays many petroleum companies are adopting different knowledge-based systems in order to improve the reservoir quality prediction. In the last years, these systems have been adopting ontologies for representing the domain knowledge. However, there are still some challenges to overcome for allowing geologists with different backgrounds to retrieve information without the help of an information technology expert. New terminology can be added to the ontology, making the user interaction cumbersome, especially for the novice users. In this paper, we propose an approach that combines ontology views with Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) techniques, for improving the user interaction in computer applications, by reducing the overload of information with which the user should handle for performing tasks. We propose RockQuery; a new Visual Query System that applies our approach, and which is able to present to the user only the knowledge that is relevant for supporting the required query formulation. In addition, the interaction design of RockQuery includes data visualizations that help geologists to make sense of the retrieved data. In order to test our approach, we evaluated the impact of using ontology views in the performance of the users for formulating queries.


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