T-MASTER - A Tool for Assessing Students’ Reading Abilities

Erik Kanebrant, Katarina Heimann Mühlenbock, Sofie Johansson Kokkinakis, Arne Jönsson, Caroline Liberg, Åsa af Geijerstam, Jenny Wiksten Folkeryd, Johan Falkenjack


We present a tool, termed T-Master, for assessing students' language skills on a variety of dimensions. T-Master uses sophisticated measures for assessing a student's reading ability and vocabulary understanding. Texts are selected based on their difficulty using novel readability measures and tests are created based on the texts. The tests allow us to measure a student's individual reading ability and vocabulary understanding, on a variety of dimensions. The results are analyzed, in T-Master, and the numerical results are mapped to textual descriptions that describe the student's reading abilities on the dimensions being analysed. These results are then presented to the teacher in a form that is easily comprenedible, who can inspect each individual student.


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