Social Media Analytics in Customer Service: A Literature Overview - An Overview of Literature and Metrics Regarding Social Media Analysis in Customer Service

Volker Stich, Roman Emonts-Holley, Roman Senderek


The main problem with social media analytics is not the abundance of measurable metrics but the lack of a coherent structure or overview that describes and organizes metrics in order to make them useful for the customer service of organizations. Thus, this paper aims to organize and categorize key performance indicators (KPI) for social media on the one hand and provide a literature overview about social media in customer service on the other hand. The KPI are grouped into six categories customer experience, customer interaction, customer activation, customer satisfaction, reach and finance and the literature is evaluated by three criteria. The three criteria are: social metrics, multidimensional variables and evaluation of financial benefit. Our evaluation identifies a research gap in the social media applied in customer service. The first results concerning the researched KPI show that a large amount of metrics is available, but only a few of them are actually currently applied by companies to evaluate their customer service.


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