Offline-provisioning and Synchronization of Content for Mobile Webapps

Tim A. Majchrzak, Timo Hillmann


Despite progress in the development of cross-platform frameworks, today’s apps often are realized either as native apps or as Webapps. The latter are easy to implement and rely on robust and future-proof technologies such as HTML5, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript. However, Webapps commonly require a stable Internet connection. Recent developments facilitate offline-enabled Webapps. If an app is able to store data locally, it should also be enabled to synchronize with a server backend. We assess current HTML5 storage capabilities and discuss their possibilities along with considerations of mobile computing synchronization strategies. Our work includes the compilation of requirements that Webapps have regarding their offline capabilities. Moreover, we discuss the status quo of offline storage and give an outlook based on a proof-of-concept implementation.


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