Design and Implementation of Transportation Management System

I. Ashour, M. Zorkany, M. Shiple


This paper proposes an effective method of transportation management system. This proposed system is designed to interconnect public transport vehicles and bus stations to “Central Room” to monitor the vehicles & traffic status. Based on the collected data and via analyzing road condition, estimated arrival times are computed and transmitted to all relevant stations. The main structure of proposed system consists of Bus unit, station unit and main control centre with servers. Bus and station unit can be hardware unit or mobile android unit. Monitoring Busses based on GPS and GPRS applications. The data transferred between Bus units, station units and the main servers are managed via GPRS/UMTS link. At the server (Central Room) and based on the collected data from buses and via analyzing road condition, accurate arrival times will be computed (Via Neural network (NN) / Kalman Filter (KF)) and transmitted to all relevant stations. In this paper, we proposed a modified technique to predict bus arrival time depending on the two algorithms (NN & KF) simultaneously to take advantage of historical data (NN) with current data (KF). Achieving these main features will cause major improvements in public transport convenience and safety. Field tests were performed under real traffic situations in order to test the system.


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