Decorrelation of the Light-emitting-Diode Internal-quantum-Efficiency Components - Studies of the Electron-hole Concentration-ratio at the Active-region Edge

Dinh Chuong Nguyen, David Vaufrey, Mathieu Leroux


GaN-based LEDs have emerged as a very promising white-light source since the last decade and become the main part of many applications. However, such applications usually require those LEDs to operate at their high-current regime, which unfortunately sees LED internal-quantum-efficiency dropping drastically. This so-called "IQE droop" has been related to different possible causes, among those the Auger recombination and the carrier leakage have recently been nominated as the most prominent ones. The quest for the droop's main cause has raised intense debate mostly because of incomplete knowledge about the wurzite GaN and difficulties in separately evaluating the effects of the droop-inducing-mechanisms. Hence, this PhD. work aims to separately study the IQE-droop interconnected components through new approaches. Simulation and characterization have both been carried out. In this paper, simulation results at the active-region edges of two different LED structures are presented. They suggest that carrier leakage play a major role in the LED efficiency droop and lead to further p-GaN-properties studies.


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