Integrated Fibre Optics for Sensing based on Whispering-Gallery Modes

Yazmin Padilla Michel, Sigurd Schrader, Mauro Casalboni, Patrick Steglich


WGMs in MMF have a double impact in the performance of finished devices. On one hand, the oscillatory effect on the spectrum has been an undesirable instrument footprint, for applications where a flat and stable reference spectrum is required (e.g. Astrophysics, Medicine or Pharmacy). On the other hand, with this thesis we want to prove that the WGM produced in MMF can be the base for a potential low-cost and profitable resonator. This will be achieved exploiting the helicoidal modes propagating along the coating of MMF, which resemble the WGM observed in the spectrum of a coil resonator. The present thesis project has two main objectives. First objective is to provide a solution to the so-called“fringing-like pattern” observed for example in fibre bundles made with circular-core MMF (Lagerholm, et al 2012). The second objective is to develop an innovative, efficient and profitable resonator, exploiting the WGM produced in MMF. All these results will be very useful for a better understanding of mode behaviour in MMF.


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