Novel 3D Game-like Applications Driven by Body Interactions for Learning Specific Forms of Intangible Cultural Heritage

E. Yilmaz, D. Uğurca, C. Şahin, F. M. Dagnino, M. Ott, F. Pozzi, K. Dimitropoulos, F. Tsalakanidou, A. Kitsikidis, S. K. Al Kork, K. Xu, B. Denby, P. Roussel, P. Chawah, L. Buchman, M. Adda-Decker, S. Dupont, B. Picart, J. Tilmanne, M. Alivizatou, L. Hadjileontiadis, V. Charisis, A. Glushkova, C. Volioti, A. Manitsaris, E. Hemery, F. Moutarde, N. Grammalidis


The main objective of the EU FP7 ICT i-Treasures project is to build a public and expandable platform to enable learning and transmission of rare know-how of intangible cultural heritage. A core part of this platform consists of game-like applications able to support teaching and learning processes in the ICH field. We have designed and developed four game-like applications (for Human Beat Box singing, Tsamiko dancing, pottery making and contemporary music composition), each corresponding to one of the ICH use cases of i-Treasures project. A first preliminary version of these applications is currently available for further validation, evaluation and demonstration within the project. We have encountered a number of issues, most of which derive from the peculiarities of the ICH domains addressed by the project, and many have already been resolved/ The evaluation results are expected to lead to further optimization of these games.


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