A Knowledge based Decision Making Tool to Support Cloud Migration Decision Making

Abdullah Alhammadi, Clare Stanier, Alan Eardley


Cloud computing represents a paradigm shift in the way that IT services are delivered within enterprises. Cloud computing promises to reduce the cost of computing services, provide on-demand computing resources and a pay per use model. However, there are numerous challenges for enterprises planning to migrate to a cloud computing environment as cloud computing impacts multiple aspects of enterprises and the implications of migration to the cloud vary between enterprises. This paper discusses the development of an holistic model to support strategic decision making for cloud computing migration. The proposed model uses a hybrid approach to support decision making, combining the analytical hierarchical approach (AHP) with Case Based Reasoning (CBR) to provide a knowledge based decision support model and takes into account five factors identified from the secondary research as covering all aspects of cloud migration decision making. The paper discusses the different phases of the model and describes the next stage of the research which will include the development of a prototype tool and use of the tool to evaluate the model in a real life context.


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