User Requirement and Behavioral Aspects in Web Service Discovery

Wala Ben messaoud, Khaled Ghédira, Youssef Ben Halima


In web service (WS) discovery, behavioral aspect has been defined as the sequence of WS operations. The motivation to introduce the behavioral aspect is to offer to the consumer the possibility to choose his WS according to his requirements. The aim is to include the execution manner of WS operations as a new criterion and to apply a selection method if more than one WS candidate is filtered. In this paper, we envision to implement WS discovery approach based on behavioral aspects to fulfill the selection of the precise execution order. This approach ensures an execution order of operations in accordance to consumer needs. The execution manner criterion is defended by state chart as a scheduling method and WordNnet as a lexical database. Moreover, semantic equivalences have to be considered in order to solve equivalence between many WS candidates which satisfy consumer needs.


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