Measurement Framework for Business Process Outsourcing to the Cloud

Mouna Rekik, Khouloud Boukadi, Hanene Ben-Abdallah


Face to the increasingly stringent business competition, small and medium sized enterprises strive to excel in the marketplace by adopting different strategies and solutions. Outsourcing their business processes to the Cloud has been among the most widely adopted strategies. Among others, enterprises outsource their related business process to improve their performance. However, this strategy is not without inconvenience especially when the decision is taken without being aware about the business process functional and non functional requirements. We focus in this paper on identifying the business process performance enhancement needs so to be able to identify requirements when outsourcing business process to the Cloud. This papers major contribution is the presentation of a measurement framework for SOA-based business process performance. The proposed framework allows firstly to identify essential metrics to monitor starting from an abstract business level. Then, identified metrics are monitored using our Business/Qos (BisQos) listener. The gathered data are then stored in a database for analysis purpose. The output of the framework specifies whether business process instances reveal a degradation of their performance caused by business metrics or by Qos metrics, in addition to the infrastructure properties supporting each web service execution.


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