Low Aerodynamic Drag Suit for Cycling - Design and Testing

Live Spurkland, Lars Morten Bardal, Lars Sætran, Luca Oggiano


The focus on garment aerodynamics is increasing in high velocity sports where aerodynamics is crucial such as cycling, speed skating and alpine skiing. Recently published research show that a low drag suit manipulating the flow around the body can considerably enhance an athlete’s performance. This project seeks to improve the Norwegian sportswear manufacturer Trimtex Sport AS’ pro cycling kit using the best currently available textiles. Changes from the original design are made with the intention of optimizing fabric zones and seam placement. Drag measurements on cylinder models, cyclists and full-scale mannequins of the upper and lower body were conducted in the wind tunnel. The reduction in aerodynamic drag was significant on cylinders, and final power savings of 8 watts due to drag reductions was obtained on the jersey and 5 watts on the bib shorts for a cyclist racing at 50 km/h.


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