Biomedical Question Types Classification using Syntactic and Rule based Approach

Mourad Sarrouti, Abdelmonaime Lachkar, Said El Alaoui Ouatik


Biomedical Question Types (QTs) Classification is an important component of Biomedical Question Answering Systems and it attracted a notable amount of research since the past decade. Biomedical QTs Classification is the task for determining the QTs to a given Biomedical Question. It classifies Biomedical Questions into several Questions Types. Moreover, the Question Types aim to determine the appropriate Answer Extraction Algorithms. In this paper, we have proposed an effective and efficient method for Biomedical QTs Classification. We have classified the Biomedical Questions into three broad categories. We have also defined the Syntactic Patterns for particular category of Biomedical Questions. Therefore, using these Biomedical Question Patterns, we have proposed an algorithm for classifying the question into particular category. The proposed method was evaluated on the Benchmark datasets of Biomedical Questions. The experimental results show that the proposed method can be used to effectively classify Biomedical Questions with higher accuracy.


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