VTS | Football - Tracking and Analysing Football Shots

Andoni Mujika, David Oyarzun, Jeser Zalba, Aitor Ardanza, Mikel Arizaleta, Sara García, Amalia Ortiz


This paper describes VTS | Football, a tool for tracking and analysing football shots. The system tracks the trajectory of the ball using two synchronized cameras, removing all the geometries that are not similar to a ball and extrapolating the position of the ball when it is hidden by the goal keeper. Once the trajectory is obtained, the user can analyse the shot using a tool that has been developed for this purpose. He/she can organize the training sessions, follow the evolution of a player, compare performances of different players and visualize the shot in a 3D virtual environment. To make the visualization smooth, an interpolation algorithm based on least squares methods has been developed and to make the visualization attractive a football player and a crowded stadium have been added to the virtual scene.


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