Development and Implementation of Mobile Apps for Skier Training System

Kim Yong Wook, Kim Ju Yong


Most skiers who use smartphones carry them when they ski. Lately internet connection is getting better and there can be active information exchanges between applications installed in smartphones and online operating servers. In addition, with the use of GPS, smart phones can precisely track skier’s locations and record the real time information of the gyroscope sensors connected to the Bluetooth of smart devices. This study aims to design and develop a mobile application which can monitor ski trails and analyze ski postures with the help of smartphones technology. For this reason, our mobile application was developed based on Android SDK 4.2 version using Java, and C-language. To measure the information of the skier’s posture, a belt with several gyroscope sensors was developed. It records the postures of the skiers who wear the belt when they move their body from side to side and back and forth. Through the application’s calculations of the skier’s speed and directional turning track data, skiers can know what modifications they need to make in order to improve their techniques and adjust their postures. This mobile application can exchange information with online operating servers with the use of 3G and Wi-Fi. In addition, it operates as a background program in smartphones and starts recording and analyzing when skiers start skiing at designated ski resorts.


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