Template-based Affine Registration of Autistic Brain Images

Porawat Visutsak


This paper presents a new method for the study of autistic brain image called “Template-based affine registration”, based on the transformation of the grid-line from a source image to a target image. By using the locations of grid of both source and target images as the control structure, together with a smart transition of grid computed by bilinear and affine transformations. Besides, the new locations of grid of a target image corresponding to a source image are the best-move of all feature points translated from a source to a target. The template named after the point set extracted from source image, the simple idea is to use the affine transformation for mapping the target point set to the template. The transformation process is used effectively by using the incorporating transition of grid to maintain geometric alignment throughout the process; the proposed method achieves a smooth transformation for image registration.


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