The Ground Reaction Force of Standing Triple Long Jump

Chung-Yu Chen, Chung-Ming Chan, Chien-Kuo Wu, Ya-Ling Chi, Chi-Wen Chang


The purpose of this study was to investigate the characteristics of ground reaction force (GRF) for standing triple long jump with the quantitative analysis of force platform in biomechanics, and also to compare the differences of GRF and impulse among jump movements and standing long jump. Thirteen high school athletes participated for this study. Six Kistler force platforms (9260AA6, 1000 Hz) were used to record the GRF data during the participant performed the movements of standing long jump and standing triple long jump. The results showed that the every jump distance of standing triple long jump was only the 0.92-0.95 times as the maximal standing long jump. The performance of the 3rd jump was less consistent, because of the continuous jump movement of task constraint and the larger impact force (4.49 ± 1.53 BW) during landing.


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