Emotional Changes Caused by the Change in the Tempo of Fujime Daiko

Naoki Hirano, Fumio Mizuochi


Wadaiko – Japanese drum – are at times referred to as a “sport of sound.” This is because they require a mobility not seen with other instruments. Furthermore, because Japanese drum is an instrument that does not have a musical scale, the percentage in which rhythms and tempos determine the artistry in its performance is high (Yamaguchi et al., 2012). The performer experiences positive emotional expression during performance, akin to a pleasant feeling. Furthermore, the resonance of the sound during a Japanese drum performance and the vibration transmitted to the body when beating the drum become positive stimuli, aiding in releasing stress and sustaining concentrative ability (Saito, 2001). With Japanese drum, sounds are created with a hitting motion, and movement and sound stimuli from this process influence the performers’ emotions. However, studies on Japanese drum heretofore have mainly looked at the biomechanics of the hitting movement or music therapy and there have not been many studies that focused on the emotions of the performers in association with changes in rhythm and the tempo. The objective of this study was to examine the changes that appear in the emotional state, autonomic nerve activity, and stress reaction during and after performance of fujime daiko by changing rhythm and tempo. Such changes were examined using psychological examination, heart rate variability, and saliva analysis. The change in emotional state was the main factor examined in this study.


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