Improvement of Security Patterns strategy for Information Security Audit Applications

Lyazzat Atymtayeva, Mahmoud Abdel-Aty


In the growing influence of information security level onto the business processes at the companies and organizations and their functioning by applying the software applications there is a necessity to develop systems with demanding level of security. Application developers are often confronted with difficulties in choosing or embedding security mechanisms that are necessary for building software secure applications, since this demands possessing expertise in security issues. This problem can be circumvented by involving security experts early in the development process. Usually it is accompanied with very high costs: experts in information security (IS) area are quite expensive specialists. An automation of some security implementation and evaluation tasks can reduce these costs and potentially increase the quality of IS strategies being developed and quality of IS audit processes. We believe that expert systems approach can be beneficial in achieving this automation. Though information security is a very broad field, encompassing many complex concepts, we are trying to develop a methodology of formalizing of IS knowledge to build a knowledge base for expert system that can serve as IS audit expert. With developing the special security patterns repository as a part of common framework for application development we can accumulate knowledge and expertise in the area of security, and help to software developers as well as IS audit stakeholders to have benefits from the processes of automation.


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