Interoperability Within E-Health Arena

DARKO GVOZDANOVIC, Mario Kovac, Hrvoje Mlinaric, Leon Dragić, Igor Piljić, Petar Franček, Vlado Sruk, Mario Kovac, Martin Žagar, Vlado Sruk, Igor Piljić, DARKO GVOZDANOVIC, Petar Franček, Hrvoje Mlinaric, Leon Dragić, Martin Žagar


Integrated care approach and the broader view on a patient’s care is something that today’s healthcare systems thrive for. Medical information collected from many disparate sources, accessed by authorized users through Electronic healthcare record (EHR) is enabling technology behind. This article gives overview of different interoperability aspects related to data exchange and maps it to usual healthcare business processes. It also comments HL7 CDA being one of today’s widely used standards for clinical documents exchange. One concrete approach to Personal Healthcare Record (PHR) to EHR integration using HL7 Continuity of Care Document (CCD) is described.


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