Roadmap for mHealth Research

Joshua D. Cameron, Arkalgud Ramaprasad, Thant Syn


mHealth research has been growing exponentially in recent years. But, without a clear definition of the mHealth domain, the research has been ad hoc and selective. A roadmap is necessary to guide the research and harness mHealth’s full potential. We present an ontology of mHealth to define its domain. We map the extent research on mHealth in 2014 onto the ontology and highlight the frequency of coverage of different topics. We discuss how (a) a frequently researched topic may be important, but may also be simply easy, convenient, and overemphasized; (b) an infrequently researched topic may be unimportant, but may also be simply difficult, inconvenient, and underemphasized; (c) and an unresearched topic may have been overlooked or simply infeasible. We then discuss how the emphases can be balanced in the roadmap for mHealth. Using ontological mapping the roadmap can be updated periodically to assess and guide mHealth research.


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