In Vivo Experimental Detection of Inflammatory Process in Tissues by Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Irina Guseva, Dmitriy Rogatkin, Polina Kulikova, Dmitriy Kulikov


Laser fluorescence spectroscopy (LFS) is widely used in medicine. Today, oncology and oncosurgery are considered as the most promising fields of its application. It is known that cancerous tissues are able to accumulate different porphyrins, both endogenous and exogenous, in enhanced amount due to increased metabolism in cancerous cells. So, LFS can be used in vivo for detection of malignant tumours as well as for real-time intraoperative imaging or diagnostics at a photodynamic therapy. One of the reason of the enhanced accumulation of porphyrins in tissues is a chronic hypoxia. Therefore, it was hypothesized, that LFS could also be used for diagnosis of local inflammation in tissues. Recently, some indirect data confirming the hypothesis was obtained when observed inflammation due to invasion of external substances into tissues. This study proves the hypothesis in a direct experiment with animals and laboratory tests. Enhanced fluorescence intensity of the exogenous photosensitizer was found in inflamed tissues. The direct association between intensity of the fluorescence, histological characteristics and blood test results was shown. It was found that the registered fluorescence signal correlates with neutrophil counts in blood of tested animals. It proves that LFS could be an effective tool for registration of local inflammation.


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