Watch Where You’re Going! - Pedestrian Tracking Via Head Pose

Sankha S. Mukherjee, Rolf H. Baxter, Neil M. Robertson


In this paper we improve pedestrian tracking using robust, real-time human head pose estimation in low resolution RGB data without any smoothing motion priors such as direction of motion. This paper presents four principal novelties. First, we train a deep convolutional neural network (CNN) for head pose classification with data from various sources ranging from high to low resolution. Second, this classification network is then fine-tuned on the continuous head pose manifold for regression based on a subset of the data. Third, we attain state-of-art performance on public low resolution surveillance datasets. Finally, we present improved tracking results using a Kalman filter based intentional tracker. The tracker fuses the instantaneous head pose information in the motion model to improve tracking based on predicted future location. Our implementation computes head pose for a head image in 1.2 milliseconds on commercial hardware, making it real-time and highly scalable.


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