Concept-based Semantic Search over Encrypted Cloud Data

Fateh Boucenna, Omar Nouali, Samir Kechid


Cloud computing is a technology that allows companies and individuals to outsource their data and their applications. The aim is to take advantage from the power of storage and processing offered by such technology. However, in order to preserve data privacy, it is crucial that all data must be encrypted before being outsourced into the cloud. Moreover, authorized users should be able to recover their outsourced data. This process can be complicated due to the fact that data are encrypted. The traditional information retrieval systems only work over data in the clear. Therefore, dedicated information retrieval systems were developed to deal with the encrypted cloud data. Several kinds of search over cloud data have been proposed in the literature such as Boolean search, multi-keyword ranked search and fuzzy search. However, the semantic search is little addressed in the literature. In this paper, we propose an approach called SSE-S that take into account the semantic search in the cloud by using Wikipedia ontology to understand the meaning of documents and queries with maintaining the security and the privacy issues.


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