A Utility Paradigm and Roadmap of Internet-of-Things in Thailand for Digital Economy Development towards ASEAN Economic Community

Jeerana Noymanee, Wimol San-Um, Thanaruk Theeramunkong


While the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is on the rise in global economy, a digital economy is consequently an effective and efficient policy, which is necessary to stimulate a rapid growth in an average Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Internet of Things (IoT), in which physical perceptions, cyber interactions, social correlations, and cognitive process can be united through ubiquitous interconnections, potentially enables a success in digital economy policy. Thailand as a part of AEC has realized the importance of the design and implementation of IoT ranging from physical layer to application layer. This paper presents the roadmap of IoT in Thailand towards AEC. In accordance to Thai environments and possible application platforms, the current status of IoT is described in terms of Internet-of-Device (IoO), Internet-of-Service (IoS), Internet-of-People (IoP), and Internet-of-Intelligence (IoI). The roadmap of IoT for Thailand until the year 2020 and beyond is suggested as for a perspective on an opportunity in international trading and investments. Challenges in major IoT implementation issues in Thailand such as security, standardization, and interoperability are also discussed. This paper offers new perspectives, utility paradigm, social and economic impacts of IoT implementation in Thailand as a potential country in terms of markets and production hubs in South East Asia region.


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