Event Classification System to Reconsider the Production Planning

Andrés Boza, Faustino Alarcón, M. M. E. Alemany, Llanos Cuenca


On-going production planning can be affected by unexpected events that modify the planned scenario. Decision makers must react in some way to avoid problems in the production system when these events appear. Thus providing information about these events can be critical for decision makers, as events can affect not only operational processes but also previously made decisions. We herein propose an event monitoring system that classifies events into different impact levels. This information helps production decision-makers to consider changes in the on-going production planning. Furthermore, a risk matrix can be built, which determines the significance of the risk from the impact level and the likelihood. This likelihood of occurrences of these events can be estimated from the historical information of the event monitoring system. A prototype has been built following this proposal.


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