Traffic Estimation for Dynamic Capacity Adaptation in Load Adaptive Network Operation Regimes

Andreas Ahrens, Christoph Lange, César Benavente-Peces


The energy demand of telecommunication equipment and networks has been identified to be significant. In the information society such networks are vital for societal and economic welfare as well as for the people’s private lives. Therefore an improved energy efficiency of telecommunication networks is essential in the context of sustainability and climate change. Load-adaptive regimes are a promising option for energy-efficient and sustainable network operation. As the capacity is adapted to temporally fluctuating traffic demands, they require a robust traffic demand estimation. As a potential solution to mitigate this problem, a method for reliable traffic demand forecasting on relevant time scales using Wiener filtering is presented. The results show that the capacity dimensioning based on the proposed Wiener filtering traffic estimation method leads to reliable outcomes enabling sustainable and efficient network operation.


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