Orchestrating the Cognitive Internet of Things

Chung-Sheng Li, Frederica Darema, Verena Kantere, Victor Chang


The introduction of pervasive and ubiquitous instrumentation within Internet of Things (IoT) leads to unprecedented real-time visibility of the power grid, traffic, transportation, water, oil & gas. Interconnecting those distinct physical, people, and business worlds through ubiquitous instrumentation, even though still in its embryonic stage, has the potential to create intelligent IoT solutions that are much greener, more efficient, comfortable, and safer. An essential new direction to materialize this potential is to develop comprehensive models of such systems dynamically interacting with the instrumentation in a feed-back control loop. We describe here opportunities in applying cognitive computing on interconnected and instrumented worlds (CIoT) and call out the system-of-systems trend on interconnecting these distinct but interdependent worlds, and methods for advanced understanding, analysis, and real-time decision support capabilities with the accuracy of full-scale models.


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