FPGA Implementation of HS1-SIV

Gerben Geltink, Sergei Volokitin


This work describes a hardware implementation of HS1-SIV with regular cipher parameter settings for the second round of the CAESAR competition. The implementation encompasses both the HS1-SIV hardware implementation, which is conforming to the specifications of the authenticated cipher, as well as a hardware API. The implemented API is conforming to the specifications of the GMU Hardware API for authenticated ciphers. On the target device Xilinx Virtex-7, using Xilinx XST High Level Synthesis, we achieved a throughput of 122.20 Mbit/s and an area of 103,214 LUTs with the data length of the message and the associated data set at 64 bytes and the data length of the key set at 32 bytes. Our performance results suggest that the area overhead of the API is between 8% (8-byte data length) and 15% (2048-byte data length) in comparison the the cipher-core.


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