Semantic Networks – Based Approach for Web Services Management

Hassina Nacer, Taous Iggui


As commonly assumed in literature, Web services are software components of distributed applications which provide services to other applications by using standard Internet technologies (XML, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI). In this paper, we propose a novel semantic network-based approach for Web services management in order to facilitate the Web services composition. For answering complex needs of users, the creation of a composite Web service is required. The Web services composition is one of the big challenge problems of recent years in a distributed and a dynamic environment. The proposed approach uses an inter-connected network of semantic Web services describing in OWL-S, using the similarity measure (Outputs-Inputs similarity) between concepts based on ontologies of domain, built before any submitted request. Experimental results confirm that the proposed management approach reduces the complexity of the composition task.


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