New Methodology for Feasible Reconfigurable Real-Time Network-on-Chip NoC

Imen Khemaissia, Olfa Mosbahi, Mohamed Khalgui, Zhiwu Li


The current research paper is interested in flexible reconfigurable real-time Network-on-Chip (NoC) in Multiprocessors System-on-Chip MPSoC architectures. A NoC is composed of several nodes where each one consists of a processor and a router. The reconfiguration of a processor is any operation that permits the addition-removal-update of periodic dependent OS (Operating System) tasks that are sharing resources. For two added dependent tasks assigned to different processors, a message is added automatically on the NoC. After any reconfiguration scenario, several real-time constraints cannot be satisfied since a task can miss its deadline and a message can take a long time to arrive to its destination. In order to re-obtain the system feasibility, we propose a new approach that is called CRM (abrev. Cynapsys Reconfigurable MPSoC). A multi-agent architecture based on a master/slave model is defined where a slave agent is assigned to each node to control its local feasibility after any reconfiguration scenario, and a master is proposed for the whole architecture if any perturbation occurs at run-time by proposing software or hardware solutions. A developed tool at LISI laboratory and Cynapsys is implemented for a real case study in order to evaluate the paper’s contribution.


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